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Street Fashion In India

When you think of street style, you’re probably thinking of Los Angeles and California, with their funky skaters and graffiti artists, screaming out rebellion from everything that they do to everything that they wear. Much of what we know as street fashion today, such as hippie clothing or the hip hop culture, has been influenced by the LA streets. But over a period of time, and with the Internet to boost, what originated from the United States spread around the world, and merged beautifully with the street culture of different places around the world, including India.

It is undeniable that if you hit up shopping sites online for street fashion, you’ll see a range of hip hop clothing or street style influenced heavily by the streets of the States. But if you look closely – or if you simply visit us at halfpastblack.com – you’ll notice that the quintessential ‘Indian’ elements have made their way into the street fashion scene quite seamlessly.

One of the prime examples of ‘Indianised’ street wear is the all-too-popular ‘Apna Time Aayega’ t-shirts that you see around. The local rap music of Mumbai has been around for a while now, silently influencing the thoughts of the people, and in turn, the street fashion in Mumbai. And then, Bollywood happened. The street rap of Mumbai hit the big screens, and suddenly, the youth of the entire country was donning rapper hoodies and t-shirts proudly embracing the Indian streets – the ‘gully’.

The ‘gully boy’ influence is something that is more mainstream of a scene for the street style. But if you look closer, you can see the indigenous style of Indian streets seep into the western culture to present a unique sense of fashion amongst the youth of the country. One of the perfect fusion of western style with desi elements is seen in graphic t-shirts that are immensely popular amongst GenZ and Millenials.

Western graphic t-shirts are more about pop culture, including movies, comic books, or even mangas and animes – the Japanese comic and animation industry. However, graphic t-shirts in India are more about infusing desi elements in pop culture. There’s quite a lot of hand printing, influenced by the native tribes, or typical mythological characters depicted in more modern forms, going around on the streets of India. The medium may be the same, but the expression through India street style creates the perfect blend of western trends and the Indian culture.

One of the great parts about the India street style culture is the multitude of subcultures under the broad umbrella of street fashion. The fact that India is a land of diversity cannot be better expressed than through clothing. If you check out the streetwear of a city like Delhi, you’ll notice more elements of hip hop and rap. The street style in Delhi is heavily influenced by music. However, if you move towards the northeast and roam the streets of Shillong, the Japanese and Korean pop culture influence is palpable.

All said and done, the Indian street style has just begun making its mark, and the future is going to be quite interesting. The one thing that you can be assured of, however, is that no matter what the word on the street is, HPB will always be here to deliver it at your doorstep.

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