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Welcome to the streets!

Let us guess. You have been hunting for the perfect street style on the countless shopping sites online, and you are yet to find the style that defines you, right? The world of the Internet is telling you all about who’s who, and what the who’s are wearing. But all you are looking for is the street fashion that screams out, well, you. street fashion and HPB special has your choice street fashion.


Dare we say, you’ve hit the right corner of the streets. Whatever be your jam, HPB can assure you that you will find something that is your unique statement of the street style, right here at halfpastblack.com. So whether you’re looking for joggers for men or women, crop tops for girls, graphic t-shirts, hip hop clothing or even those swag party casuals, let the team of HPB clothing help you be you!


What makes HPB so special?

That would be a fair question. With the street style clothing industry dominating every fashion street, and the Internet to boost, you are probably bombarded by photography blogs, Insta-blogs, and the shopping sites, online presenting a world of options for your closet. So what makes HPB so special?

HPb red hoodie

red hoodie

To be honest, we don’t know. Those shopping sites are probably eons old, run by the who’s-who of the industry. The photography blogs boast of the experts that you and I can only hope to emulate. Whereas, we are just a bunch of street style enthusiasts, who love the style enough to know that street fashion belongs to the people, and not to the runway – in quality, design as well as price.


HPB does not believe that to look dope, you have to burn a hole in your pocket. After all, the street style was born amongst the common people, donned with swagger by you and I, and simply belongs to the streets – style and price alike. And we’d like to believe that’s what makes us special – HPB clothing style is yours at your price.

What will HPB clothing offer to you?

All that suits your mood. Are you looking for dress style clothing as a part of your casual outfit wardrobe, or maybe the oh-so-cute crop top that would be perfect for game night? Or is it more of a party shirt that catches your eye? Whatever it is that the streets can offer, whether for men or for women, you’ll find it at halfpastblack.com – t-shirts, shirts, crop tops, joggers and much more.


So, take a look around this corner of the streets, and when you find a style that is uniquely you, simply order with a few clicks, and leave the rest to us. It’s time your street style was delivered to your doorstep


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