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I see you’ve found your way to the Streets

And you have definitely hit the right corner, here at Half Past Black. HPB clothing is all about bringing the street back to the streets. It is where your style meets the artists’ talent, and together, we define the street wear of India. At HPB, we work with musicians, DJs, graffiti artists, skaters, and artists straight from the streets, to create designs that you can call your own.

Why HPB Clothing?

They say that style is a way of saying who you are, without having to speak. At Half Past Black, we know that more than anything, your clothes need to be you. We draw our design inspiration from not just the creators, but also the ones the clothes are created for – you. We create what we see everyday, what you wear to work, what’s your style in parties, and what you don on that hot date. HPB uses the medium of street wear design to help you express yourself, absolutely in style.

What will you find at Half Past Black?

Whatever you so wish. Street wear has never been simply about the casual clothes you wear after work. The style of the streets is everything that screams out you; from the graphic t-shirt for a game night, to the swag outfit you pull off at a party. That is why, at HPB, you’ll find clothing for every occasion (and non-occasions), at a price that makes your pocket quite happy.

Our clothes are all about rules - breaking a few, and creating them out of exceptions. They said all of the party wear clothing for men look just the same. We disagree, and so do our customers. Our men party wear clothing collection has grabbed the attention of wearers and spectators, alike. They said that a rave clothing store does not spell India. Our mix pot of happy customers tells a different story. When it is street style that you are looking for, HPB clothing has it all.

We value what you value - your time and your money

If it is street style online shopping, you have hit the bulls eye. Style should be easily and casually you, without drilling a hole in your pocket, or making you hunt for parking for twenty minutes before you can buy that rave hoodie you’ve had your eye on. At HPB clothing, simply choose your style, and within a few clicks, your style will be delivered to your doorstep. After all, your style should work for you, and not the other way round.

Feel free to check out the streets of Half Past Black, and when you see yourself on the screen, holler at us. HPB will bring your street style to your home!